My Day 1 Home Office - The Desk, The Chair, and The Gear

February 21, 2020

On LinkedIn, somebody asked for a picture of my home office. So here it is! The picture is below. I’ve gathered some furniture and gear over the last years to create my ultimate work space. I was super happy with a few things that are worth mentioning.

  • A noble Noble chair. I considered three options to have a chair that sits perfect while working, but can also go to a position where to lay down and relax. Noble HERO comes in Genuine Leather and Fabric Leather, the first options, and the third was: Secretlab OMEGA. To be honest, I can’t remember why I choose the Noble chair with Fabric Leather. I think all three are good choices.
  • Ikea Standing Desk. When I sit down, it must be comfy. But sitting for 8 hours straight is not really healthy. So I bought this standing desk by Ikea. It just works. Even while it’s just 120x80cm, it’s large enough.
  • LG 4K monitor. I prefer a 4K monitor for the sharpness, but not bigger than 27”. This monitor just costs less than € 500 when I got it. If I need to replace this one, I’ll consider a sharp widescreen.
  • Bose Cinemate GS. Computer audio is super expensive. This Bose Cinemate GS catched my eye when I was consering a new audio setup for in the living room a few years ago. When comparing Bose Cinemate GS and two Bowers & Wilkins CM8’s, you can imagine when hearing them next to eachother, I choose for these big speakers. When I was looking for an audio replacement for my work space, I looked at Marktplaats and found these speakers around € 100. This is really recommended!
  • Apple. As you can see, I still work with Apple. Not the most expensive professional stuff, but more the cheap consumer options. A MacBook Air, because I like to work on the train. And most days I’ve an external monitor. The performance is still good enough, if you run most things in the cloud. Surprisingly, even editing video’s, and running hundreds of Chrome tabs, still works without a glitch. The iPad is the first cheap one that is compatible with the Apple Pencil. Because sometimes I create slides or (still ugly) sketch notes.

My Home Office

Some things were expensive, but can easily replaced by cheaper options or second-hand. So even with a small budget, you can create a workspace that is near perfect!


Martijn van Dongen
AWS Tribe Lead
Martijn van Dongen
Free Agent / AWS Tribe Lead

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