AWS Developer Bootcamp

Get your hands dirty with this fast paced developer bootcamp. Including the top 3 compute services for developers: EC2, ECS and Lambda, together with storage and databases like DynamoDB, Aurora and EFS and Machine Learning services like Rekognition.

Single Day

8 Hours

8 Hours prepare guide

70% Hands-on


Virtual / Classroom

6-12 Seats

Course Objectives

  • Getting Hands-On Experience with CloudFormation & SAM
  • Compute Services: EC2, ECS, Serverless
  • Storage & Databases: RDS, Aurora, DynamoDB, S3, EFS
  • Related Services: VPC, IAM, SSM, ALB, API Gateway, CloudFront, Amplify


09:00 Introduction & Demo’s
10:00 CloudFormation & VPC Warming-Up
11:00 Deploying a Web App with ECS/EC2 + Aurora + EFS
12:00 Lunchbreak
13:00 Deploying Serverless with SAM + DynamoDB + S3
15:00 Event Driven with Machine Learning services & Step Functions 16:30 Wrap up
17:00 End


  • Recommended: You have achieved AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner or you are on a similar level
  • A developer background, or an engineering background with Python scripting experience
  • A preparation guide is distributed before the training, covering the required AWS and Python essentials
Martijn van Dongen
Free Agent / AWS Tribe Lead

KVK / VAT on request