In 2020 I’m going to work on a few dreams I have for quite some time. The first dream has become reality already: this website is now live. Here’s a few topics I briefly want to touch on in my first blog post.

New website

I’ve built a few websites in the past using Hugo and Bootstrap as the main frameworks. Now I had plenty of time to figure out how to make it easier to publish blog posts, while still creating a nice look & feel.

Blog posts

Now the website is available, I can focus on writing all the blog posts I want. From complete tutorials on AWS topics, to short personal stories on other things I like to do: cooking, health, sports, work-life, etc.

Book publishing

People who know me, know I’ve “writing a book” on my wist list for quite some time. In 2020 I’ll publish my first “book”! What form, thickness and price, is not clear yet. But it will be available right before the summer of 2020, so you could read it online and offline at the beach, pool, home or the office.

Learn & share

I’ve finally time to learn the things that are on my backlog for too long. For example: Golang, JavaScript, Front-End Frameworks like Vue and React. And of course all the 77 new AWS services and features announced at AWS re:Invent. Over the years, I found out that by sharing knowledge, I learn better myself. So add this blog RSS to your favorite RSS reader and learn with me.

In 2020 the AWS User Group NL will grow beyond our expectations and your imagination. I’m in good company with very ambitious community leaders and backed by AWS. The website will get some new features and we will organize more meetups, invite special speakers, welcome new sponsors, and hit new cities across The Netherlands.


But how are you going to pay the bills? Well, my wife still has a job, and we prepared for this change for a couple of months. I want to start the new decade with a new energetic opportunity. Whether it’s starting a multiple year journey at a company, accepting an interim role, or work as a free agent at various companies and build my own brand along the way. I get a lot of energy from: guiding hands-on training, knowledge sharing consultancy, building AWS platforms, and creating communities within organizations. My community work will continue during my this exploration phase.

Final words

Wishing you all the best for 2020. I’m looking forward to what the year is going to bring me, what the community will grow to, and how we can continue or start a collaboration or partnership together.


Photo by Birch Landing Home from StockSnap.

Martijn van Dongen
Cloud Evangelist / MCE
Martijn works at Schuberg Philis as Cloud Evangelist and Mission Critical Engineer (MCE). Martijn is an active AWS developer, architect, consultant, and trainer. He is chair of and recognized as an AWS Community Hero.
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