Passionate about AWS? Technology? Leadership? Security? Remarkable People? Here’s my top podcasts and blogs to follow, if you’re Dutch.

I listen to podcasts when I’m driving, or doing household activities. That’s 6-10 hours a week tops. I try to vary between English and Dutch podcasts, and between podcasts that I need to learn from, or could just to relax a bit. But even to calm down, the topics should be interesting.

Reading blog posts is often just scanning and bookmarking them together with some keywords. I still try to not read in small breaks throughout the day. It causes an interruption in my flow. Instead, I try to block some time daily to process my blog feed when I’m at a computer to quickly take notes and bookmarks, so it doesn’t consume too much of my brain’s memory.

Ok, it’s time to discuss my top 7. Why ‘just 7'? I also listen to some others, but was not able to say those are worth mentioning in this list, yet. Maybe in the future.

1. De Technoloog (podcast, Dutch)

De Technoloog is a Dutch Podcast provided by BNR (Business News Radio). At this moment they are around episode 180, and I’ve just discovered the podcast. So about 180 hours to listen… I really liked the episodes of 12.12.2016 where they did an interview with Tijmen Blankevoort. Also the more recent episodes of 20.2.2020 with Sanne Kanis about topics covered in her book “De Bubbel” and the recent one about ASM(L) with Jorijn van Duijn on 5.3.2020.

2. Bits vs Bytes (podcast, English)

I know the host of this program very well; Amer Grgic. He did several talks at meetups I organized, and we worked together at a Digital Agency a few years ago. He started July 3, 2018, on my birthday! Haha. The first episode he interviewed his colleague: Marnix Korterink. I think I’ve skipped the first few episodes, just because there were already thousands of podcasts on my radar. It became interesting with interviews with remarkable humans and persons that I admire, like: Ruben Nieuwenhuis, Rik Farenhorst, David Allen, Rune Theill, Roeland Kuipers, Sytse Sijbrandij, and recently: Guy Kawasaki. Really curious to see who are the next remarkable people on Amer’s list.

3. Ben Tichelaar Podcasts (Dutch)

Ben Tichelaar is a very well known person in The Netherlands. He describes himself on his website as: “Writer, speaker and behavioral scientist. Expert in leadership and change.”. He can really ask the right questions in interviews with experts mainly from The Netherlands. A lot of insights to learn become a better leader, manage your work/stress, personal branding etc. Ben just started in November 2019, so there are not that many episodes yet, but I liked most of them!

4. Business Books Podcasts (Dutch)

Every month (more or less), two Dutch guys discuss Business Books. They recommend some books and why you should read it, interview the authors, and some popular books that you could easily skip. They will give you the summary and most important perspectives. You could also just check out the covers on their website. Some of the books they recommend I read front to back, others I just do some research on the most important insights. Some books they even discuss in so much detail, reading is not necessary anymore.

5. Thoughtworks (blog)

I read on their website: “We’re a global software consultancy solving complex problems with technology. We connect strategy and execution, helping our clients to strengthen their core technology, scale with flexibility and create seamless digital experiences.”. I also know they are absolutely an authority in the business we are in. A lot of companies copy many their ideas, perspectives and initiatives, like their famous “Technology Radar”. They have great content on their website. Comprehensive articles, the radar, and blogs. Definitely subscribe to their updates.

6. Darknet Diaries (podcast)

“This is a podcast about hackers, breaches, APTs, hacktivism, cybercrime, and all the things that dwell on the hidden parts of the network. This is Darknet Diaries.” I really liked the episodes 19, because it was a great hack of Google. Ep 20, about mobman, the creator of “SubSeven”. Ep 52, where they were hacking skimming creditcards online. I don’t really learn something new, but it’s very entertaining and fun to listen to. Not all episodes, so I have to carefully create a playlist.

7. AWS News & Blog

With a big passion for everything related to AWS, I have to stay current with all the new things AWS brings us. Being the first to tell others about the brand new features, finally fix the last missing component in blog posts, or just try to understand what it does and how it works. I try to wake up without opening social media or regular news, just the blogs (mentioned earlier) and mainly the news from AWS is what I like to read during breakfast.


Martijn van Dongen
Cloud Evangelist / MCE
Martijn works at Schuberg Philis as Cloud Evangelist and Mission Critical Engineer (MCE). Martijn is an active AWS developer, architect, consultant, and trainer. He is chair of and recognized as an AWS Community Hero.
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